Support The Cause

Who We Are

The ACS Store is an initiative by the ACSOBA and the official Anglo-Chinese School online merchandise retailer. We are a volunteer run enterprise of alumni who aim to support the activities of the ACS Family through the sale of our products. We want to make a wider range of ACS merchandise and memorabilia accessible to all- students, parents, alumni, and friends.

Stand Together For The Cause

Proceeds from sales on the ACS Store go directly back to the school or ACS affiliated organisation that supplied the product. The funds earned by schools are used to subsidize student and faculty programs and general enhancements to the ACS scholastic experience.

100% of the revenue earned by the ACSOBA goes to supporting the projects and activities of the alumni association including, but not limited to, ONE ACS initiatives, the ACS Retired Teachers Fund and various alumni outreach events. 

Your support for our alma mater continues to make a difference in the lives of students, staff, and our alumni community, thank you!