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The ACS Story continues

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Established in 1886.

In a non-descript shophouse at 70 Amoy Street, Bishop William Fitzjames Oldham pioneered the vision for the Anglo-Chinese School to be a force for positive education within society.

Carrying on a storied legacy of 135 years, our ACS school family cherishes our heritage, celebrates the here and now, and looks forward to the future in faith.

The ACS Crest

The crest was first introduced in 1927. The upper part shows a creature with a lion head, eagle wings and a dragon body with claws, symbolising the fact that the school was founded when Singapore was a British colony, by the American Methodist Mission, and during the Manchu dynasty in China.

The lower part of the crest comprises two panels in blue and gold; these which represent heaven and earth, and also symbolise spiritual and material accomplishment. The letters “ACS” in red symbolise life bridging heaven and earth, as well as the blood of Christ uniting heaven and earth. It is shaped as a shield to uphold knightly virtues such as chivalry, honour, loyalty, valour and manliness.

The school motto, The Best Is Yet To Be was taken from Robert Browning’s poem “Rabbi Ben Ezra” and incorporated in 1959.