The Ties That Bind

Mr Lee Bee Cheow, class of 1937
Mr Richard Lee, class of 1965
Mr Alvin Lee, class of 1989
Mr Ryan Lee, class of 2018

Mr Lee Bee Cheow is 100 years old this year, a proud centenarian and alumnus of the Anglo-Chinese School. He was born on, (date)1920, the son of . In (year) he began his education at the Coleman Street campus of Anglo-Chinese Junior School, as the primary school branch was known then. After graduation, he went on to become a (career) and a national marathoner. 

Recalls his son, Richard (class of 1965), my father was...

Questions for Richard:

What type of man was your father when you were growing up? 

Did he ever talk to you about his school experiences or stories?

How do you think he was shaped by his education and early upbringing in ACS?

Featuring The ACS Alumni Tie by Benny Ong (Link)